IRIS BOX PC[1] is a state of the art cutting edge ARM industrial box PC with embedded input outputs, developed by ISURKI as the result of more than 25 years of expertise in the design and deployment of industrial control systems for the management of facilities, services and environmental control networks. IRIS BOX PC offers the maximum reliability, flexibility and performances, thus offering the most advanced control technology.

The most important advantage of this ARM industrial box PC with embedded input outputs lies in its modularity, allowing the users to adapt the final scope, features and composition of the controller to their application requirements, through the selection of the hardware and software modules necessary to fit the project specifications.

Therefor, IRIS BOX PC is a tailored on the shelf product, with the open possibility of enhancing its features fitting future requirements, just adding the required hardware and software supplementary modules.

Besides, the design, development and after sales support services offered by ISURKI warranty the implementation of specific automation, control and communications routines according to the project requirements, as well as their upgrading and maintenance.

ISURKI‘s ARM industrial box PC with embedded input outputs include a wide range of complementary control devices for process and environmental control networks, such as the telecontrol outstations IRIS BOX TRS and the sensors wireless access point IRIS SAP.

[1]     As a result of a constant evolution, here in stated characteristics can be upgraded and changed without previous notice to customer. Please ask the last data sheet version contacting directly with our company.

the all in one industrial pc

  • Embedded inputs&outputs
  • User tailored hardware
  • plug&play
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Detachable connectors
  • Long term availability

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